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Prosser Takes Lead In Wisconsin (For Now)


On Wednesday, the director of the state's election agency told reporters that votes are expected to change as the counties go through their results.

Keep in mind that spreadsheet errors and adjustments happen in nearly every election -- but most elections aren't so close that people start to notice or care. And once all of them are discovered, they often tend to roughly balance out and only barely move the numbers. Then again, in an election this close, even a tiny movement of the numbers could have an effect.

But bottom line: We didn't truly know who won the election on Wednesday, and we don't know right now, either. It's probably going to be a while.

(Via Dave Weigel)

Late Update: Prosser has reportedly picked up another 200 votes from the correction of a clerical error in New Berlin, located in the Republican stronghold of Waukesha County in the Milwaukee suburbs.

Again, these corrections are only a piece of the whole picture, and it's going to be a while. Don't be surprised if the lead ends up switching multiple times.

Late Late Update: TPM has just confirmed with the local clerk's offices that Kloppenburg has gained some net votes in some other counties: +113 in Grant County, +30 in Iowa County, and +91 in Portage County. She has also gained +24 in Vernon County.

Buckle up, folks.