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Pro-Life Activist: "It's A Shame" That The GOP Has Picked A Pro-Choicer In NY-23


The Susan B. Anthony List's typical mission is to support pro-life Republican women -- a counterpart to the pro-choice Democratic group EMILY's List. In this case, however, the group is intervening to oppose a pro-choice Republican woman, Dede Scozzafava. "Because we get involved in two ways," Dannenfelser explained. "We oppose pro-choice women, and we promote pro-life women. So it's an offensive-defensive strategy."

"I think they [Republicans] made a huge mistake, and they're seeing the consequences of that. It's also what chairman Steele made a comment about a couple weeks ago, the most important thing is that a candidate reflects their community," said Dannenfelser. "Now you either do or you don't have a party platform. And the Republicans do have a party platform. So the candidates ought to be reflecting the party platforms -- and their communities, certainly -- but in this case this woman doesn't represent her community or the Republican Party platform. And yet the Republican Party is coming out and raising boatloads of money for her."

I asked Dannenfelser the crucial question here: What if this election ends with Hoffman in third, and Democratic candidate Bill Owens has just narrowly edged out Scozzafava? How would she feel about that situation?

Her response: "It's a shame that the Republican Party didn't do a better job of selecting a candidate."