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Pro-Financial Reform Groups Begin Pushback On GOP Filibuster (VIDEO)


"Two years after the financial crisis began, the Senate finally introduced a bill to clean up Wall Street," reads the petition targeting Snowe. "And what did Senator Snowe do? She voted against even considering it." [Emphasis in the original]

Google any of these senators, and likely as not you'll find an ad highlighting his or her role in the obstruction.

Americans United for Change is up with this ad, in Washington DC, broadly pushing Republicans to support financial reform:

But if you're wondering how this is playing back in the red states, Media Matters has complied headlines from around the country. The montage they've put together is fairly striking.

As for the lone Democratic senator who sided with the GOP? Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) also finds himself the target of an pressure campaign today, as part of a new push by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

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