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Pro-Choice Groups Back Saltonstall Over Stupak In Michigan


Saltonstall's campaign said it has no comment on the endorsement. In the past, Stupak's supporters have told me they expected pro-choice groups to endorse a candidate against him, and they have said they're ready for whatever challenge comes their way.

NARAL and Planned Parenthood say they think Saltonstall will be a better advocate for women than they say Stupak has been. The groups had tough words for Stupak, who almost brought the health care reform process to a halt with his focus on adding abortion language to the bill. Despite his decision to eventually vote for the bill and help move it toward final passage, the groups say they're still upset with him.

"During the health care debate, Rep. Stupak continuously tried to block health care reform unless the Stupak abortion coverage ban was adopted," the groups wrote in their release today. "Fortunately, Rep. Stupak failed in his attempt to insert the Stupak abortion coverage ban in the final health care reform bill."