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Priebus Toasts Wis. Recalls: 'We Need To Have A Country Of Makers, And Not A Country Of Takers' (VIDEO)


"Well, Contessa, I mean, I view it as a 100 percent, absolute victory for not only the people in Wisconsin, but for all Americans that want to make sure that their government is listening, and that they can start living within its means," said Priebus. "And so after $30 million of big-government union money coming in, and a manufactured outrage that they've tried to put together in Wisconsin, we remain red. We won the Prosser [state Supreme Court] race in Wisconsin, we won again yesterday, we may win one or two next week.

"I think for the country, it's the start of having a debate, and winning the debate, that we need to have a country of makers, and not a country of takers. And I think that's important in saving not only Wisconsin, but a lot of other states that are watching. And I think it's a good signal, and a good sign, and a good tell, for the rest of America as to where the electorate is moving, and they're moving to winning a battle of individual freedom for America."