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Preview: Today Is Tea Party Diversity Day -- Featuring Andrew Breitbart


Weingarten stressed that Uni-Tea, which is being co-hosted by a Philly-area tea party group, was not a response to the NAACP flap that led to a week of very bad press for the movement. Uni-Tea has been in planning since Februrary, Weingarten said, and only happens to fall after the racial element of the movement got so much attention.

But it's the appearance of Breitbart -- who was scheduled to attend months before the Sherrod video hit the airwaves and embarrassed Fox News and the White House alike -- that's likely to create the most drama today, as he makes one of his first public appearances since accusing Sherrod of bigotry against whites and calling the NAACP a racist organization.

Weingarten said he hasn't picked sides in the internal tea party battle kicked off by the NAACP fight, saying Uni-Tea is not associated with any of the major national tea party groups (Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, Tea Party Federation, etc.)

TPM's Jillian Rayfield and I will be attendance at Uni-Tea today. Stay tuned for updates this afternoon.