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PPP Poll: Wisconsin Wants To Recall Walker -- And Put Dems In The State Senate


It should be noted, though, that Wisconsin's recall laws also require that at least one year of a term be served before an incumbent can be recalled, thus placing Walker out of reach of the recalls until next year. However, there are now nine state Senate recalls going on, against six Republicans and three Democrats, with the Dems hoping to gain at least three net seats and take control of the chamber.

The poll asked: "Would you rather that Democrats or Republicans had control of the State Senate?" The result: Democrats 50%, Republicans 42%. While this statewide poll is not necessarily the same as what might be going on in the individual districts, it would at least appear to be an indicator of the overall mood in Wisconsin.

The poll of registered voters was conducted from May 19-22, and has a ±2.4% margin of error.