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PPP Poll: Romney Starts Out Ahead In Iowa Crowd


Also, it is notable that the field is on track to have two candidates from Minnesota -- and the more insurgent-style Michele Bachmann appears to be narrowly edging the more establishment-friendly Tim Pawlenty in this key early contest.

Interestingly, and possibly contrary to the conventional wisdom that Romney's history of pioneering the individual mandate in Massachusetts would render him unfit for the GOP base, he was matched in potential two-way match-ups against four Republicans, asking respondents who they would support if the nomination came down to just those two people. And in those four scenarios, Romney led clearly in one, and was tied in the other.

The numbers: Romney led Palin 48%-41%, led Cain 48%-34%, and led Bachmann 46%-38%. Only Pawlenty tied Romney, at 41%-41%.

Also, as PPP previously posted, Jon Huntsman was also listed as a choice in the caucus ballot test, and got a score of one -- not one percent, but one supporter out of the 481 Republican respondents.

The survey was conducted from May 27-30, and has a ±4.5% margin of error.