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PPP Poll: Pawlenty Trails Obama In Minnesota -- And Romney Does Better


The poll also gives Pawlenty an approval rating of only 43%, with a disapproval of 53%.

As PPP's Tom Jensen writes, Pawlenty himself could be one of the reasons for Democrat Mark Dayton's narrow win in the gubernatorial race in the middle of a very Republican year:

The importance of Pawlenty's unpopularity shouldn't be underestimated in Democrats picking up the Minnesota Governor's office this year in an otherwise dreadful year for the party. While Democratic Gubernatorial candidates in many states were having to deal with the weight of an unpopular President and an unpopular Democratic Governor Mark Dayton benefited by having the impact of an an unpopular President at least partially balanced out by his opponent having to deal with the weight of an unpopular Republican Governor.

The survey of registered voters has a ±3.2% margin of error.