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PPP Poll: Feingold Way Ahead For WI-SEN Dem Nod, Thompson Could Face GOP Troubles


On the Republican side, Thompson starts out with only a 36% plurality, followed by former Rep. Mark Neumann with 22%, and several other names in single digits. (Though who knows, perhaps state House Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald's 8% and his brother state Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald's 5% might add up to 13% if only one of them ran.)

More troublesome for Thompson is this question: "Generally speaking would you like the Republican Senate candidate next year to be Tommy Thompson or would you rather it was someone else?"

The result: Thompson 46%, Someone else 45%. This would seem to indicate that if the non-Thompson GOP vote were not divided, and he faced only one insurgent opponent in the primary, he could face a real contest.

The survey was conducted from May 19-22. The sample of likely Democratic primary voters has a ±3.5% margin of error, and the sample of likely Republican primary voters has a ±3.8% margin of error.