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Poll: Would-Be Union Buster Kasich Upside Down In Approval Rating


Just 30% say they approve of the job Kasich has done, while 52% say they disapprove.

Kasich has had a rough first three months (give or take) in office, even if you don't count the Wisconsinesque war he's fought with state employees.

A couple of highlights from Kasich's short stint as Ohio chief executive:

• On Feb. 18, he publicly apologized to the Columbus police officer he had called an idiot -- three times -- during a speech to state employees.

• By mid-January, he was in hot water for not appointing a single non-white person to his cabinet. He finally did appoint one African American, but not before attracting so much attention for his cabinet's lack of diversity that the headlines read "Kasich makes first nonwhite cabinet appointment."

Enter the budget fight, which made Kasich the poster boy for a bill that would strip even emergency service and law enforcement workers of their collective bargaining rights - further than the much-discussed Wisconsin budget bill went.

Just 26% of union workers say they approve of the job Kasich has done. A full 68% disapprove.

How bad is Kasich's standing at the moment? Observers say it's one of the worst in recent Ohio memory. This from the analysis of the Univ. of Cincinnati poll:

Kasich's approval rating is lower than the initial gubernatorial approval rating recorded by the Ohio Poll for former Governors Strickland (68%), Taft (49%) and Voinoich (61%). Kasich's rating is higher than the initial approval rating of former Governor Richard Celeste (32%).