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Poll: Wisconsin Voters Turn On Gov. Walker, Back State Unions


In the poll, 57% of respondents said public employees should have the right to collectively bargain, compared to 37% who said they should not. A similar majority, 55%, said the state's unions should have the same amount of rights or more than they already enjoy, a rebuke to Walker's efforts to roll back those rights.

Further, slim majorities said they side with the unions and senate Democrats -- who fled the state to delay a vote on Walker's bill -- over the governor in the dispute.

Walker's job approval has fallen as the budget stalemate drags on. According to PPP, 52% of voters now disapprove of his job performance, while 46% approve of the job he is doing. That split mirrors another finding in the poll that PPP released Monday, which found Walker losing in a hypothetical do-over election against Democrat Tom Barret, 52% to 45%.

Also ominously for the governor, the state is evenly split at 48% over whether he should be recalled. It's unclear how viable that option would be, but the fact that almost half of voters would consider in theory is certainly a bad sign for Walker moving forward.

The PPP poll was conducted February 24-27 among 768 Wisconsin voters. It has a margin of error of 3.5%.