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Poll: Sharp Jump In Percentage Of Voters Who Think Paterson Should Resign


From the pollster's analysis: "Support for Gov. David Paterson erodes with every new headline. New York State voters started the week giving the Governor the benefit of the doubt 2-1. Now, there is more doubt and less benefit as he clings to a bare plurality of support."

Respondents were also asked about Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch, who was controversially appointed to office by Paterson last year in a move that withstood a legal challenge at the state's highest court. In the poll from two days ago, there was some reason to believe that a reluctance to see an unknown face take over the governorship -- after Paterson himself had succeeded to the office two years ago -- might have been a factor in giving Paterson the benefit of the doubt.

The poll asked: "Who do you think would more effectively govern New York state until December 31 - David Paterson or Richard Ravitch?" The answer today is Paterson 37%, Ravitch 32%, undecided 31%, compared to a much better number for Paterson of 47%-29%-23% two days ago.