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Poll: Republicans Prefer Having A Deficit With Tax Cuts, Over A Balanced Budget And Higher Taxes


A separate question asked: "Is it possible to balance the federal budget without raising taxes?" Here the answer was Yes 37%, with a No plurality of 42% saying that it is not possible to balance the budget without raising taxes. In the internals, 47% of Republicans think it's possible to balance the budget without raising taxes, to 53% of Democrats who do not think so.

Another Rasmussen number finds that only a very small minority knew the correct answer to this one: "Is the following statement true or false? Most federal spending is spent on only three programs--Social Security, Medicare and national defense." The correct answer is "True," but only 35% answered that way, with a 44% plurality saying false.

"These figures highlight a massive failure of leadership from both Republicans and Democrats among the nation's political elite," Scott Rasmussen wrote in the analysis. "Given the amount of political chatter about the budget in recent years, it is almost beyond comprehension that neither party has seen fit to highlight the basics so that the American people can make reasoned choices on the fundamental issues before them."