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Poll: Only 38% Of Minnesotans Would Vote For Pawlenty For President

Newscom / CD1

Respondents were also asked: "Has Governor Pawlenty's potential run for President had a positive impact or negative impact on the job he's been doing as Governor?" The numbers: Positive 29%, Negative 49%.

The poll shows a split on Pawlenty's actual job performance as governor, with 50% approval and 49% disapproval.

Previous polls have consistently shown Pawlenty having a hard time carrying Minnesota in the general election for president. It should be noted that the state was never overwhelmingly positive on him, in terms of its past elections. Pawlenty won his first term in 2002 with 44% of the vote, in a three-way race, and in 2006 he edged out his Democratic opponent by a 47%-46% margin.