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Poll: Obama Barely Leads Trump In 2012 Match-Ups


Trump has been hinting at a presidential bid for a while now -- and he made it seem all the more likely when he delivered a speech at CPAC this month.

As a fresh addition to surveys of the 2012 race, there's little comparative data on how Trump would actually do if he jumped in the race. A PPP poll conducted earlier this month showed Trump faring much worse in a hypothetical contest with Obama than the Newseek survey, with Trump down 48% to 34%. In that same poll, over half of all Americans said they viewed Trump unfavorably.

Trump may not even get a shot at taking on the President in a general election. The Newsweek poll showed him running a distant fourth place among a slate of Republican candidates for the GOP primary. Romney led in that contest at 19%, followed closely by Huckabee at 18%.

The tight general election results come despite Obama posting a strong approval rating in the poll. Half of all respondents said they approved of Obama's job performance, while 44% said they disapproved.

The Newsweek/Daily Beast poll was conducted February 12-15 among 918 likely voters nationwide.