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Poll: Nevada Souring On Not Just Reid, But Dems In General


In addition, President Obama's approval rating in Nevada is only 44%, with 52% disapproval in a state that he won by 55%-43% in 2008. The poll also has Nevada's likely voters opposing President Obama's health care plan by 36%-54%. This issue has done a lot in recent polls to contribute to Reid's unpopularity back home, polls have shown.

What this all suggests is that the situation in Nevada is different from the recent developments in Connecticut, where Sen. Chris Dodd's retirement and his replacement as Democratic candidate by state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal have vastly improved Democratic chances. Connecticut did not have a problem with Democrats, it had a problem with Chris Dodd. Nevada genuinely has a Democratic problem, and might be persuaded to support Goodman.

PPP communications director Tom Jensen writes: "Goodman's initial polling numbers are encouraging comparative to Reid, but it's hard to say how he would hold up in a statewide campaign. One thing for sure is that Reid's issues are not exclusive to him and reflective of a general souring on national Democrats in Nevada."