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Poll: Gov. Kasich Would Lose Do-Over Election By 25 Points


The current TPM Poll Average shows that 52.5% of Ohioans disapprove of Kasich's job performance, while 35.5% approve of it.

Kasich is now so unpopular that in a hypothetical do-over election, PPP found him getting shellacked by Strickland 59% to 34%. Kasich eked out a win last year by just a two-point margin.

Back in March, PPP also showed Kasich losing in a do-over contest. But in that poll, he lost by a relatively modest 15-point spread, 55% to 40%.

Kasich's union-busting bill is the driving force behind his falling approval rating. In the poll, 55% of voters said they would vote to repeal S.B. 5, while 35% said they would let it stand. A Quinnipiac poll released last week presented a similar finding, with a majority of registered voters in that survey also saying they would like to see the law repealed.

The PPP poll was conducted May 19-22 among 565 registered voters. It has a margin of error of 4.1%.