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Poll: Gov. Christie's Approval Rating Slumps To Record Low


According to the TPM Poll Average, 45.5% of Christie's constituents approve of his job performance, while 47.5% disapprove.

On Monday, the state Senate passed a measure that would drastically up the amount of money the state's approximately 500,000 employees have to pay into their pension and health benefit programs -- in some cases doubling or even tripling the amount of money workers must pay out of their salaries. The bill, which Christie and his legislative allies have been working on for months, also raises the retirement age from 62 to 65, and eliminates automatic cost of living increases for pension plans.

Christie has staunchly supported unpopular legislation in the past. He rose to national prominence largely for his willingness to take on teachers unions, and particularly when footage of his frank, oftentimes stern responses in town hall forums went viral on the Internet.

However, Christie's tough stance toward education funding may be what's dragging his approval rating down the most. In the poll, 55% of voters disapproved of how Christie has handled education in the state, versus 41% who approved, the worst marks Christie scored on any issue.

Last year, Christie slashed around $1.6 billion in funding for the state's schools. Those cuts were so severe that the state Supreme Court ruled in May that Christie had to restore $500 million to the state's poorest schools.

Some have quietly hoped that Christie would launch a surprise presidential bid and shake up what is widely seen as a weak field, even though Christie himself has flatly ruled out a White House run. But according to the poll, 61% of New Jersey voters don't think Christie would even make a good vice president, while only 32% said he would.

The Quinnipiac poll was conducted June 14-19 among 1,610 registered voters. It has a 2.4% margin of error.