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Poll: Dem Sen. Michael Bennet In Toss-Up Race


The poll also has Bennet's challenger in the Democratic primary, former state House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, running stronger than Bennet. Romanoff leads Norton by 44%-39%, leads Buck by 44%-36%, and is ahead of Wiens by 34%. The TPM Poll Average has Romanoff ahead of Norton by 43.3%-41.4%.

PPP's Tom Jensen writes: "I would be cautious about declaring Romanoff to be the more electable candidate based on these early numbers though. Bennet has had all the negatives of incumbency - being associated with an unpopular majority party during a recession - without the positives - defining himself positively to the voters on the airwaves in the context of a statewide campaign."

The last PPP survey of Colorado was conducted way back in August 2009, before Norton got in the race. At the time, Bennet led Buck by 39%0-35%, and trailed former Rep. Bob Beauprez (who eventually opted against a run) by 42%-39%.

"Republicans really haven't been helped by getting Jane Norton in the race," writes PPP president Dean Debnam. "Michael Bennet's actually polling a little better against her than he was against Bob Beauprez last summer. This is likely to be one of the closest races in the country this fall."