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Poll: Conservatives And Republicans Oppose Ryan Budget


Among conservatives, 54% are opposed. Among current seniors -- who would not be affected by the changes in the Ryan Medicare plan -- a full 74% are opposed, even after they're told that Ryan's plan affects Americans 55 years of age and younger.

Even Republicans break against Ryan's plan, though only slightly. Fifty percent oppose the plan, while 48% support it.

The new CNN poll comes on the heels of numbers from Democratic allies showing similar opposition to Ryan's plan as well as hints that the continuing fight over the Republican Medicare proposal could be giving a boost to Democrats and President Obama.

The same holds true in the CNN poll. "For the first time since they won back control of the House last November, the number of Americans who say that Republican control of the chamber is good for the country has dropped below the 50 percent mark," notes the CNN analysis.

CNN polled around 1,000 Americans May 24-26. The margin of error is 3%.

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