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Poll: Barrett Leads Potential Democratic Primary In Walker Recall


Interestingly, among likely voters in a Democratic primary, only 59% were self-identified Democrats -- 30% were independents, and 11% Republicans.

We asked PPP spokesman Tom Jensen whether there was a chance for any "Operation Chaos" mischief in the Democratic primary -- as with the fake candidates in the state Senate primaries last year -- or is it more a matter of individual voters being interested in good faith about the primary?

"I definitely think there's a potential for Operation Chaos in the recall primary," Jensen wrote back. "If there's a Democratic candidate who would clearly be weaker in the general election, I would not be surprised to see a concerted effort among Republicans to go and vote for that person. It's interesting to note that Falk leads Barrett among Republicans on this poll...and she also did 6 points worse than Barrett against Walker when we last polled the general in October. There may already be a perception among GOP voters that Falk's a weaker candidate and thus the one they want to run against."

Soon after the state Senate recall elections were triggered, Republicans declared a strategy to plant fake candidates in the Democratic primaries -- which they called "protest candidates" -- in order to delay the general elections from July to August, while the GOP incumbents ran unopposed. The candidates included a GOP activist in his 20s, and an octogenarian former GOP state representative, among others. As it turned out, the scheme cost local governments throughout the state over $400,000.