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Poll: Americans Wrongly Estimate $178 Billion In Fed. Budget Goes To Public Broadcasting


Further, 20% of respondents thought CPB funding made up over 10% of the entire budget, including 5% who said it made up at least half.

Those findings comes as Congress continues to debate pulling all funding for public broadcasting, including NPR. Fake-pimp and sting video maker James O'Keefe released a video in March that showed an NPR executive bashing Fox News and the Tea Party, a video whose release helped fuel the push to defund NPR.

The survey also underscores how clueless Americans are about where the budget goes in general. For example, Americans on average thought foreign aid took up 10% of the budget; it really makes up about 1%.

The CNN poll was conducted March 11-13 among 1,023 adults nationwide. It has a margin of error of 3.0%.