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Poll: Americans Would Like Key Parts Of Obama's Plan -- But He's Failing To Fight Bad Info


However, the respondents were also read a list of dire predictions that town hall protesters have made and asked whether they believed they are likely or unlikely to occur:

• Will give health insurance coverage to illegal immigrants: Likely 55%, Unlikely 34%.

• Will lead to a government takeover of the health care system: Likely 54%, Unlikely 39%.

• Will use taxpayer dollars to pay for women to have abortions: Likely 50%, Unlikely 37%.

• Will allow the government to make decisions about when to
stop providing medical care to the elderly: Likely 45%, Unlikely 50%.

You see that -- 45% say the government will have the power to pull the plug on grandma, as Chuck Grassley would say.

Steve Benen comments that this situation "points to a political discourse that's badly broken," one that "creates an enormous incentive to lie, blatantly and repeatedly, to the public. There are no real penalties, and the number of Americans who'll believe nonsense skews the debate in the liars' direction."