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Poll: Americans Unimpressed With GOP in Debt Talks



Even half of the Republican respondents (51 percent) voiced disapproval of how members of their own party in Congress are handling the talks. Far fewer Democrats expressed disapproval of their own party's handling (32 percent) or President Obama's (22 percent) of the urgent quest to raise the nation's debt limit ahead of a looming default on Aug. 2 if action isn't taken.

Democrats do a little better, but a purality of Americans still disapprove of their handling of the issue. President Obama notched a 43% approval on the issue against 48%, and Congressional Dems eked out a thumbs up from 31% of Americans vs. 58%.

The poll includes interviews with 810 adults conducted from July 15th to the 17th, and has a margin of error of plus or minus four percent.