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Pelosi: A Robust Public Option Could Pass The House

Newscom / Scott J. Ferrell

The way it will work is this: the House will send the CBO a complete bill with a robust public option (as passed by the Ways & Means and Ed & Labor committees). They will also send over two amendments, which the CBO can substitute and score. One would be a public option with negotiated rates, and the other would call for the negotiated rates of the public option to give way to a robust public option if the former failed to rein in insurance company excesses.

Once this experiment is completed, and the numbers are in, the caucus will decide how to proceed--some conservative Democrats have taken issue with a Medicare-like public option, but they haven't been confronted by an official estimate of its estimated savings. But despite their opposition, Pelosi insists that that doesn't mean it can't pass. "I think that either one of them would pass on the floor," she said.

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