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Pawlenty Walks Back Bachmann Migraine Comments


"All of the candidates I think are going to have to be able to demonstrate they can do all of the job all of the time," he told reporters on Wednesday."There's no real time off in that job."

According to Pawlenty on Thursday, his comments were meant to be broadly applicable to all potential nominees. But given the context -- and his well-documented rivalry with Bachmann -- it was hard to interpret them as innocent speculation.

Perhaps sensing that Pawlenty had overextended himself in going after Bachmann, Romney swooped in to defend her from questions about her health on Wednesday.

"There's no question in my mind that Michele Bachmann's health is in no way an impediment to her being able to serve as president," he said.

Pawenty's attack/retreat pattern recalls a similar incident earlier in the contest in which, after condemning Mitt Romney's record on health care in the press, Pawlenty declined to repeat his remarks in a debate with Romney there in person.