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Pawlenty: I'll Certify Franken's Election -- If There's No Order Against It From A Federal Court

"So you could be signing a certificate that would turn that Senate seat over to the Democrat Al Franken?" Cavuto asked. "And that would probably not suit you well."

"Well, I hope not, but you know I have to follow the law," Pawlenty responded. "You know, Neil, if the Minnesota Supreme Court says, 'You sign the certificate' -- and there's not an appeal or some other contrary direction from a federal court -- you know, that's my duty."

The big question here on everyone's minds, when Pawlenty brings up the possibility of a federal court intervening to stop a Franken certification -- which the national GOP leadership has openly called for doing -- is what exactly he might mean by this. Is he playing a sort of wink-wink, nudge-nudge, and subtly asking for this to occur? Or is he simply saying he'll follow the law however it works out, and then innocently listing all the possible permutations?