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Pawlenty Fundraises Off Health Care Opposition & Slams 'Financial Drug Dealer' Feds (VIDEO)

Newscom / m42

In addition, Pawlenty went on Fox News last night to discuss the order with Greta Van Susteren.

"Why, I did it for this reason. I and a lot of other people have had it. Federal government's acting increasingly like a financial drug dealer, handing out tastes or free samples, trying to get people addicted further addicted. And we've just had it, and we're not taking the bait anymore, we're not taking the free samples anymore. This is an executive order that says, we're sending them a strong message. But we're also going to try to make sure the policies are for Minnesota, not because some big federal bureaucracy tells us what to do."

Interestingly, Pawlenty also recently signaled that Minnesota would likely take some other federal health care money. "It's not Obamacare, it is something that we were going to be doing anyhow," Pawlenty said. This money was not connected to the big health care reform law, but was part of a different package of state aid -- a package that Pawlenty also opposed at the time. In this case, he also cited Minnesota's status as a "donor state" that sends more money to the federal government in taxes than it gets back in spending, as an example of how it could be in the state's interest to take the money.