Pat Buchanan: Donald Trump Is Not A Racist


If you’re trying to burnish your racial bona fides you probably want somebody other than Pat Buchanan sanding down your rough edges for you.

After setting self-awareness aside this week and telling the world “I’ve always had a great relationships with the blacks. Some of my best friends are blacks,” GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump found himself in the hot seat with the media.

Today on MSNBC, Pat Buchanan leaped to his defense.

“I don’t find any malice in what he said in that statement about the black folks,” Buchanan said. “I’m a Catholic, and if he said I have a great relationship with the Catholics, I don’t think I’d take great offense.”A quick reminder, Trump is a birther, who also happens to be leading polls of likely GOP presidential primary contenders, and counts RNC chairman Reince Priebus as a defender.

Watch how it played out:


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