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Palin Endorses Raese In Pennsylvania -- But He's From West Virginia

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She may have been thinking of Pennsylvania Senate hopeful Pat Toomey (R). Or her error may have been geographic, and she confused Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Who knows!

In any case, just as she did after she asked peaceful New Yorkers to "refudiate" the Cordoba House project, Palin took that tweet down, swept it under the rug, and replaced it with another one, clumsily covering up her error.

"PA & WV: makes sense 2 send GOP 2 DC 2 avoid economic disaster that will occur under Obama/Pelosi Cap & Tax scheme;workers need Raese."

Of course, the House cap and trade bill is dead, and will not be reanimated any time soon. And even if there were some secret plan (there's not!) to revive cap and trade during the lame duck session, the Dem candidate in West Virginia, Joe Manchin, has vowed to oppose it. In fact, he shot it in the face. Because it's a special election, the winner of the West Virginia contest will be seated right away. The winner in Pennsylvania will have to wait until next Congress.

Nothing to see here! Except for the screencaps, that is.

Late update:

The steady roll of excuse-making followup tweets continues. Now Palin says that all energy producing states need Raese to win in West Virginia.

"All energy producing states need WV's Raese in DC 2 stop Obama/Pelosi Cap&Tax;that's PA,AK,NV,CA,etc;WV sending a"D"perpetuates the problem"

This is meant to explain away the fact she urged Pennsylvania voters to send Raese (of neighboring West Virginia) to Washington, D.C.

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