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Organizing For America Pleased With Blanche Lincoln For Public Option Stance, Encouranges Continued Pressure

Friend --

This week, Senator Blanche Lincoln wrote a letter to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette to affirm her support for real health care reform, including a quality, affordable public insurance option available to those who want it.

This is great news for the Arkansas families and small businesses who need our broken health care system fixed. But the special interests and lobbyists for the status quo will only intensify their pressure -- and we need to show Senator Lincoln that her constituents appreciate her courage and are counting on her to stand firm.

Please take a moment and call Senator Lincoln. She has offices across the state, and your call will be most effective if you call the one nearest to you:

Little Rock: 205-375-2993

Dumas: 840-382-1023

Texarkana: 870-774-3106

Jonesboro: 870-910-6896

Fayetteville: 479-251-1224

Washington, DC: 202-224-4843

After you make your call, click here to tell us how it went. ( )

When the senator hears that folks from across the state are calling her offices and encouraging her to stand strong, she'll know she has the public backing in Arkansas to take whatever the Washington lobbyists and entrenched opponents of reform can throw at her.

Spiraling health care costs are overwhelming families, shackling businesses, and leaving millions without coverage. That's why President Obama is pushing for action this year -- and why we need Senator Lincoln to stay strong and stand up for the people of Arkansas.

Thank you for all your hard work,


Jeremy Bird
Deputy Director
Organizing for America

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