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One Premium, Two Checks: How Abortion Will Be Paid For Under The Nelson Compromise


We said all along that we wanted to ensure there was a firewall between private and public funds -- this compromise achieves that.

We said we would not accept language that prohibited a woman from using her own private funds for her legal reproductive health care -- this compromise meets that test.

And we said we would stop Stupak -- which we did. Let's be clear -- we were both much happier with the Capps language and the language in the underlying bill.

But compromise was necessary to get a health care bill for the American people, and this compromise achieves that.

We know that Republicans are already gearing up their opposition to the compromise on pro-life grounds. And Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) may be gearing up to oppose it. But what will other pro-life and pro-choice Dems in the House say? We'll let you know as reactions crystallize.

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