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Ohio, Other States Gear Up For Wisconsin-Like Fights Over Worker Rights


The legislation is similar in many ways to the rollbacks being debated in Wisconsin. And just as in Wisconsin, they have the support of the state's newly elected Republican governor, John Kasich.

But unlike Wisconsin, this fight didn't erupt out of nowhere. In Wisconsin, governor Scott Walker introduced his plan and days later it's hit the floor of the state Senate.

In Ohio, the process is playing out more slowly, and the opposition has been creeping with it. Thursday, over one-thousand public sector workers showed up to protest the legislation.

But the situations in Wisconsin and Ohio are not isolated incidents. There are similar efforts in nascent stages just about everywhere Republicans took control of one or more branches of government: Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, New Hampshire, and to a lesser degree in Maine and Pennsylvania.

What happens in the states like Wisconsin leading the anti-union fight will have a tremendous influence on whether similar efforts are successful in other states.

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