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Obama To Donate Nobel Prize Money To Multiple Charities, Process Still Developing


QUESTION: Can you explain how the president is deciding what to do with the Nobel Prize money? Is he talking to different charities? He said he was going to give it to charity. Will that be more than one? Will the foundations...

GIBBS: He mentioned specifically to me on Friday that the money would be donated to charity. There will be a process to evaluate that from his perspective. I assume it will be many different charities. But he has not told me or anybody else here the specifics of what that -- what those might be.

QUESTION: Is there a timeline? Does he want to have it in place by the time he goes to accept the award or before that?

GIBBS: I have not talked to him about that, but I can.

QUESTION (From Congress Daily reporter): I assume we can rule out ACORN as a recipient.


GIBBS: And a lifetime subscription to "Congress Daily."

Al Gore gave his portion of the winnings for the 2007 Peace Prize to the Alliance for Climate Protection. What charities should Obama consider?