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Obama: Senate Bill Has 'Compromises' But Changes Made It Stronger


"There's still much work left to be done with not a lot of time left to do it," Obama said, adding: "Today is a major step forward for the American people."

The president detailed changes to the Senate legislation that he said "made this landmark bill even stronger."

Among them:

Imposing penalties for insurance companies that "arbitrarily jack up prices for consumers."

Prohibiting insurance companies from denying coverage to children immediately.

"Protect patient's choice of doctor."

"No longer will insruance companies be able to drop your coverage if you become sick," Obama said.

He also lauded the deficit reduction projected in the latest CBO score as the largest reduction in any legislation in history, with $132 billion projected to be saved in the first decade and $1 trillion in the next.

Here are his full remarks.