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Obama Post-Reform Poll Boost Holding

Newscom / UPI

In the February USA Today/Gallup poll -- taken before the final bill was passed by the House -- just 36% said they approved of Obama's handling of health care while more than 60% disapproved. The new poll, taken on March 26-28, shows Obama's health care approval rating has risen to 42% post reform bill, while his disapproval rating has fallen to 54%.

The rising poll numbers come as Obama has continued to brag about the reform bill to crowds across the country. All the public appearances -- and the fact that he pushed through a massive entitlement program in the face of total Republican opposition -- seem to have convinced many that Obama working hard on fixing America's health care problems.

It's too early to tell if that support will do anything for his party, which is facing tough mid-term elections in November. Support for the health care reform bill has remained low since the House passed it on March 21. The current TPM Poll Average for the Democratic reform package shows 51.5% oppose the law, while 40.5% support it.