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Obama Mocks GOPers Who Say Cap And Trade Will Cost $3,000 Per Household

We've been tracking that talking point for the better part of three months now, and it's a resilient one. It's been debunked both by the author of the study on which it's supposedly based, and by the Congressional Budget Office, but you still see it pop up every now and again. It must focus group extremely well!

In the interview, Obama says that the timing of Senate action on climate is up to Harry Reid and the relevant committee chairs--but that he's confident that they'll pass something, go to committee with the House, and send a final bill to his desk.

Timing isn't everything, of course. But it is crucial. Between health care and the appropriations bills and nominations, the Senate has a pretty busy few months ahead of it--and yet, 2010 is an election year, and getting flagship legislation passed in Congress at times like that can be significantly harder.

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