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Nude Protesters Arrested After Storming Speaker Boehner's Office


The protest was organized by AIDS activist organizations Health Global Access Group (GAP), Queerocracy, Act Up NY and Act Up Philadelphia. They say that if sequestration -- automatic spending cuts set to take effect in January -- goes into effect, funding to combat HIV/AIDS could drop substantially and cost lives.

"We are here today to tell the naked truth about these budget cuts," Jennifer Flynn, one of the naked activists, said afterward. "The truth is that people with AIDS have been stripped naked for years -- Medicaid has been cut, states are [struggling]. ... There are waiting lists in this country where people with AIDS are dying."

Paul Davis, an activist for Health GAP, told TPM the protesters previously took their message to Democratic National Committee headquarters near Capitol Hill "to make sure President Obama hears us, too" before going to Boehner's office in the Longworth building.

"We know that we can have an AIDS-free generation in the next 30 years," Flynn said. "But we cannot get there -- we cannot end AIDS because these guys want to cut some money out of the budget, because they won't look at revenue increases, like the Robin Hood tax."