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Nice Try! Senate Kills Boehner Debt Limit Bill -- Preps Endgame To Avoid Default


Senate Democratic aides confirm that the legislation is being updated now, after consultation with Republicans, but the precise details are tightly held.

They need to get those details right. House Republicans have scheduled a symbolic Saturday vote to knock down the original version of Reid's bill -- a move meant to illustrate that without further cuts and enticements Reid's bill can't pass the House.

Once the tweaks are completed, and the bill is introduced, Reid will set the wheels in motion to pass it. If all goes as currently planned, he'll file cloture on the plan tonight. Because it will be attached to a privileged vehicle -- the stripped bare shell of Boehner's plan -- it will tee-up a 1 a.m. Sunday vote to end an expected filibuster. If there are 60 votes -- and that's the crucial if -- that will lock in a vote on final passage after 7 a.m. on Monday. Then it's back to the House, with fingers crossed.

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