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Newt Gingrich's Private Plane Flights Responsible For Nearly Half Of $1M Debt


Adding in the $41,453 and $10,478 payments Gingrich's campaign already made to Moby Dick in April and May brings the total amount he paid the private plane company over the half-million mark. His list of campaign expenditures includes 30 separate travel-related payments, most of them for thousands of dollars each.

For comparison, Dave Weigel looks at the travel expenses of the Tim Pawlenty campaign, which total just $11,554.90 to airline companies, most of them commercial airliners.

Since his campaign ran into financial issues and most of his staffers left, Gingrich has reportedly made the switch to flying commercial, the campaign told the Daily Caller.

Moby Dick Airways used to be owned by the current owner of Republican Presidential Travel, a company recently used by Sarah Palin.