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New Polls Show Burr Well Ahead In NC SEN


Inside the PPP poll is more potentially good news for Burr. As the Democratic race has moved further away from the May 18 primary -- which ended in a runoff between Cunningham and Marshall after neither candidate managed to get 40% of the vote in a three-way race -- the number of voters who know who the Democratic candidates are has actually gone down. The candidates are not on the air, and without seeing them everyday, state Democrats have apparently forgotten about them. That means the nominee will have to spend big to spread his or her name to an electorate that largely doesn't know what to think about him or her.

"Marshall dropped from 44% of voters having an opinion of her a month ago to now 37% and Cunningham's gone from 34% to 26%," PPP pollster Tom Jensen writes in his analysis of the new poll.

Meanwhile, Burr continues to see the negative personal poll numbers that have led Democrats to say he's vulnerable in the fall. "For the fourth month in a row more North Carolinians disapprove than approve of the job he's doing," Jensen writes. But Burr has seen a bump in support among independents, an important voting bloc in the Tar Heel State.

"The big picture on this race stays the same," Jensen writes. "Burr is unpopular but his opponents aren't well known enough yet to fully capitalize on his vulnerability."