New Halter Ad Blasts Blanche Lincoln On Social Security (VIDEO)


Arkansas Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, who is challenging incumbent Sen. Blanche Lincoln in the Democratic primary, has a new ad accusing her of undermining Social Security, in a clear bid for the senior citizen vote in the primary.

“Lincoln voted to cut our Social Security benefits, and to raise taxes on Social Security,” the announcer says.Interestingly, Halter mentions Bill Clinton, who appointed him as deputy commissioner of the Social Security Administration — and who is in fact supporting Lincoln. “President Clinton entrusted me to lead Social Security, and I fought Bush’s privatization schemes,” Halter says.

When asked for comment on the fact that Clinton is on the record in support of Lincoln, Halter spokeswoman Laura Chapin told TPMDC: “The ad is about Social Security and his record on Social Security, and fighting Social Security privatization. So at this point, our main concern is making sure that Arkansas seniors know that Bill Halter has stood up for them and fought for them, and has always and always will.”