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New GOTV Effort By Emily's List Ties John Boehner To Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint


According to Emily's List, a GOP return to power could would harm women's issues by repealing health care reform, privatizing or cutting Social Security, and, at a more political level, by booting pro-choice women from Congress.

In rolling out new campaign, called Boehner's America, Schriock explicitly tied Boehner to Palin and conservative Senator/kingmaker Jim DeMint -- better known figures in the conservative movement.

"In Boehner and DeMint and Palin's America all the ground we have gained to make health care affordable and accessible would be rolled back," Schriock said. "Social security would be privatized, government would legislate that. Forget about the right to make our own decisions about our reproductive rights in privacy. Corporations, like the ones funding the big money attacks on our elected women, would call the shots."

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