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Nelson: Speech Was 'Game Changer'; Snowe? Not So Much


"I appreciate that President Obama shared many of the details of his vision for health reform at this pivotal and historic moment, and signaled a willingness to work across party lines," Snowe said. "At the same time, as I continue to oppose the inclusion of a public option in any package, I would have preferred that the issue were taken off the table as I have urged the President - given that any bill with a public option will not pass the Senate and this divisive subject is unnecessarily delaying our ability to reach common ground."

However, she added that she's "encouraged the President recognized that we cannot leave this imperative to chance - and acknowledged the safety net plan I have proposed is a 'constructive' idea 'worth exploring.' Such a fallback plan would be offered if, after we have implemented landmark insurance market reforms, private insurers fail to deliver the affordable coverage Americans require."

Which basically means, even though the speech allayed Democratic concerns across the spectrum, we're still on trigger watch.

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