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Nelson, Landrieu Say Election Results Do Not Diminish Their Health Care Goals


Along somewhat different lines, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) says reform is just too important and urgent to be engineered based on political winds. "I said when we started this that the President was right to move us in the direction of finding a way to turn this cost curve down," Landrieu said when asked the same question by a different reporter. "We can not accomplish any of our domestic goals and objectives without doing this."

Though she's not ready to support the public option in the Senate bill, Landrieu says that, thanks to moderates, it's much improved.

"The public option, because of the moderates, and because of what I've been helping to do and other moderates, has been shaped, in our view, 100 percent better than when it started out," she said, adding,"it's already shaped to be a public option that is supported by premiums," before being whisked away into a vote.

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