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Muslim-Baiting GOP Candidate Loses House Primary -- Just Barely


Diane Black had put out her own statement, apparently seeking to balance the competing points of view: "I will always follow the wisdom of our forefathers as laid down in the Constitution, and that means I believe that all Americans must be free to practice their faith as long it does not threaten other Americans or our national security. I'm very concerned that violent jihadism is becoming the norm, not the exception in too much of Islam today, and American communities have a right to be vigilant in ensuring that Islamic institutions in this country do not aid the jihadist viewpoint."

Black and Carter will now fight to succeed retiring Democratic Rep. Bart Gordon, in a district that voted for John McCain by a margin of 62%-37% in 2008.

There are two main ways to look at this. On the one hand, a politician who ended up basing their campaign heavily around anti-Muslim activism lost. On the other hand, a politician who based their campaign heavily around anti-Muslim activism came very close to winning, demonstrating that there is a significant vote to be had here. And it's not like the other candidates were doing too much to rebut her on the underlying substance.