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Minnesota Judges Hand Down Big Batch Of Rulings

The court also revisited their February 10 summary judgment ruling to allow 24 rejected Franken-voters in -- though they hadn't actually been counted yet -- reversing themselves on three of them after the Coleman camp argued that the court's February 13 ruling to impose strict standards on the counting of new ballots had to be imposed retroactively. In the grand scheme of things, this seems like a very minimal action on Coleman's effort to either undo the strict standards or else apply them to all 290,000 absentees.

The court also gave these other rulings:

• The court denied Coleman's new attempt to file affidavits from individual voters, in an attempt to get their votes counted.

• The court denied a motion by Duluth City Clerk Jeffrey Cox to either quash the subpoena he's been served by the Franken campaign, or else force Franken to compensative him $1,151.50 for his time traveling to St. Paul. The court quite bluntly stated that Cox has a professional responsibility as an election officer to testify.

• The court also rejected Coleman's request to reconsider a January ruling not to inspect ballots. Unlike other orders from this court, the denial order takes up only one page, summarily announcing the order's existence, with no further explanation given.