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Minn. State Rep. Writes Constituent, Calls Unions 'Communist' And Invokes Hitler And Castro


Hackbarth's e-mail reply, sent on Thursday, June 9, at 10:14 p.m.:


I can't believe what I'm hearing from folks? All, similar letters to yours.
Are you a Union member? If so, are they the communist giving you this propaganda?

Do you know the who, what, when, where, why, and how, of Fidel Castro?
Hitler rose to power using and blaming the jews for the destruction of the German economy. Castro built his army of murderers by blaming the rich bankers and capitalist for destroying Cuba and taking advantage of the Cuban people. Hummmm?

Representative Hackbarth

Phone and e-mails messages to Hackbarth's office by TPM have not yet been returned.

This past November, Hackbarth was questioend by police -- though he was not arrested -- when he was found waiting outside a Planned Parenthood clinic with a concealed weapon, for which he had a permit. Hackbarth said he was checking on a girlfriend he had met online, and did not know the parking lot he was waiting in was for Planned Parenthood. No charges were filed.