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Miller And Murkowski Squabble Over Court Location For AK-SEN Hearings


Miller filed his suit in state court on Monday, after a federal court ruled it under state jurisdiction. He argues that counting misspelled ballots as votes for Murkowski is against the law.

Yesterday, Lt. Gov. Craig Campbell, one of the parties named in Miller's suit, called the claims "baseless" in a statement, adding that the allegations, "if left unanswered, I believe could make members of the public lose trust in a lawful, reliable and consistent process."

In response, Miller sent out a press release yesterday saying that Campbell "plays fast and loose with the facts," and accusing him of favoring Murkowski: "Had Campbell done his job in a neutral, competent, and lawful fashion, the Miller Campaign would not have needed to seek court assistance. Is it too much to ask that the Lieutenant Governor be unbiased and simply follow state law?"